Micron Accelerated Solutions


Data centers built on frame-based arrays filled with bays of spinning media kept the data far removed from compute. This traditional architecture can’t process, analyze and store business-critical data efficiently at the volume, velocity and variety that it’s being created – much less support real-time analysis. To truly realize the promise and potential of your data, you need an IT infrastructure that can handle the demands and challenges posed by large, growing and complex data sets. Micron can help — with solutions that have been architected, optimized and tuned from the storage core to the application level. The reference architectures within the Micron Accelerated Solutions below give you a lab-proven starting point for your next project.

What This New Architecture Can Do

We all know that solid state drives (SSDs) are faster than legacy hard disk drives (HDDs). Micron helps you quantify that for your real-world use cases. Some of the ramifications of using SSDs in place of HDDs:

  • Scaling your HCI solutions to support more VMs per server provides each VM with more data while using less processor time to move that data (vSAN and Azure Stack HCI).
  • Achieving faster insights with fewer devices in your big data analytics. Key to this is feeding the cores as quickly as possible. SSD storage typically clears up the CPU wait times seen with HDD solutions.
  • Replacing SAN with software-defined storage (SDS) on commodity server platforms typically provides better price-performance ratios than custom-built array solutions. SDS also offers more scalable performance, useful in general purpose block and file solutions, and in vertical use cases such as video streaming. SSDs can provide the data access scale to support thousands of ultra-HD video streams at one time. (Red Hat Ceph Storage)

Why Micron

The advent of high-performance SSDs has highlighted the importance of solution design to ensure the best application performance is gained from the right SSD investment. Micron’s Storage Solutions Center brings decades of experience to solution design and strong application collaboration with industry software leaders, so you can start your next project with a solid foundation.

Whether you build on leading-edge open-source or industry titan software foundations, these reference architectures get you production-ready in a flash.

Micron Accelerated Solutions are detailed in the series of reference architectures below.