Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We believe our best innovation springs from our team members' diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. Our new Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Report 2020 is an inspiring look at our vision to transform how the world uses information to enrich life for all. The phrase "for all " emphasizes Micron’s values as an inclusive company, and supports our journey to create opportunities for everyone.


2021 DEI Commitments

  1. Increase representation of underrepresented groups
  2. Engage with minority-owned financial institutions for cash management
  3. Strengthen our culture of inclusion
  1. Advocate for racial and LGBTQ+ equality
  2. Drive equitable pay and benefits
  3. Increase diverse supplier representation and spend

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More Diversity = More Innovation

It is About More Than Numbers

Today, the most successful workplaces with the most innovative ideas embrace diversity, equality, inclusion (DEI). Micron is committing to social change and is leading the charge to improve life for all.

It is Good Business

It is not just about representation; it is how to do business. DEI has moved beyond HR practices, squarely into business strategy.


By advancing DEI initiatives, our business achieves:

  • Greater innovation
  • Higher revenue
  • Faster decision-making
  • Enhanced problem-solving
  • Higher recruitment and retention
  • Exceptional business outcomes

"We are listening to our team members around the world and have reinforced our commitments to equality and social justice. This gives the perspective we need to deliver technology innovation and experiences that our team members, customers, shareholders, and communities value."

Sharawn Connors

Micron VP, DEI

Diversity Snapshot

Women's Representation

Headcount by Region

US Intersectionality

66.6% of U.S. team members identify as white (10.3% white women, 56.3% white men). The remaining 33.4% of U.S. team members are depicted in this graph.

Our Employee Resource Groups

Diversity can be both visible and invisible, both expressed and intrinsic. For all forms of diversity at Micron, our ERGs play a powerful role in growing our culture of inclusion, and have experienced explosive growth in worldwide participation over the past year. From empowering women, LGBTQ+, communities of color, communities of different capabilities, and others, Micron’s ERGs foster acceptance, celebrate achievement, and create communities of understanding—both within and beyond corporate walls.

Black Employee Network

Micron's Black Employee Network was established to strengthen the relationships of Black employees amongst one another and the global Micron community.



Fostering a workplace where seen and unseen disabilities are embraced allowing our employees to thrive and succeed in a climate of acceptance and equality.


Micron Hispanic Professionals

Micron Hispanic Professionals is dedicated to promoting leadership development and networking of Hispanic professionals at Micron.


Micron Women's Leadership Network

We aim to strengthen the leadership, engagement, and voices of women at Micron.


Micron Young Professionals

MYP is dedicated to developing and retaining a talented up-and-coming workforce of professionals at Micron.



Mosaic promotes visibility, cultural sensitivity, connection and career mobility. The group addresses specific issues impacting multicultural team members, helping to enhance a positive workplace setting for all.


Micron PRIDE+ Allies

Micron PRIDE+ Allies is a group where LGBTQ+ team members and their allies can thrive as their authentic selves in the workplace and the community.


Tenured and Experienced @ Micron

TE@M is a collective representation of tenured and experienced team members at Micron.


Veteran Employee Resource Group

VERG establishes a community at Micron that supports active and former military personnel.